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Rewrite Card System

Rewrite Card System


LMS Solution works well with Software alone, but will be more effective if coupled with Card Media including: Barcode / Magnetic / Mifare / Thermal Rewritable Card


Rewritable Card System


Distinguished Features of Rewrite Card

Rewrite Card excels over the traditional Paper and Magnetic cards primarily on the fact that the rewrite card technology allows information to be instantly printed and updated on the card. Data is now humanly visible without the need for expensive computer and paper.


Highlights of Rewrite Card

Ø           Latest information can be updated on the card

Ø           Cost effective promotional and marketing channels

Ø           Card holder can always have the current status view

Ø           Provide great support for your customer loyalty programs

Ø           Large printable area with rich information shown

Ø           Re-writable area for erase and re-print to 500 times

Ø           Fast printing speed: no longer than 6 seconds under any condition

Ø           Cannot be accidentally erased by magnetic source

Ø           Use state-of-the-art thermo printing technology, no ribbon/toner or consumable part is required


Advantages of Rewrite Card

Ø           Improve customer satisfaction & relationship

Ø           Contribution to Repeat Sales

Ø           Enhance corporate image

Ø           Low running cost

Ø           Extreme high portability

Ø           High print speed

Ø           Error-free processing


Rewrite Card System combines with LMS allows you:

Ø           To develop your own database, to update it on a regular basis, and to build up purchase records of your clients.

Ø           To design your loyalty scheme: points, credit of purchase, point bank, spending of points, type of loyalty scheme depending on clients’ profile.

Ø           At the cash desk:

n            to check in purchases in few seconds.

n            to automatically print and update customers loyalty cards.

Ø           To understand behavior of your customers: frequency of purchasing, type of purchase, the last visit of your clients.

Ø           Integrated automated e-mailing and mailing.

Ø           To have a clear overview of your sales by clients, by type of items, by period of time.



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