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LMS (Loyalty Management Software)

Loyalty Management System LMS is aiming at

  • retaining customers
  • rewarding them to visit more frequently and purchase more
  • keeping them informed with the latest reward program & promotion

The most powerful CRM tool for the Retail & Service Industry, combining member, bonus, gift, prepaid, cash coupon, and discount management, accommodating various Card System including barcode card, magnetic card, smart card (mifare card) and rewrite card (also named as rewritable card, visual card, printable card & thermal card)

LMS has10 basic modules:

1. Member Data Management:

  1. Member Database
  2. Member Survey
  3. Member Search Engine

2. Member Status Management:

  1. Multi Member Level
  2. Expiry Date, User Configurable
  3. Member Class, User Configurable
  4. Automated Member Upgrade

3. Bonus Point Management:

  1. Bonus Earning Formula, User Configurable
  2. Special Happy-Hour Bonus Scheme
  3. Special Birthday-Month Bonus Scheme
  4. Special Friends Referral Bonus Scheme
  5. Special Visit-and-Attendance Bonus Scheme
  6. Bonus Point Expiration, User Configurable
  7. Bonus Point Reset, User Configurable

4. Prepaid Management:

  1. Prepaid e-Cash Setting
  2. Fixed Amount e-Rebate on Prepaid
  3. Percentage Sum e-Rebate on Prepaid
  4. Different Rebate Scheme based on Member Class

5. Gift Management:

  1. Gift Category and Item Description Setting
  2. Gift Inventory Management
  3. Bonus Exchange for Gift
  4. Bonus Exchange for e-Cash

6. Promotion Message Management (Thermal Rewritable Media Only)

  1. Real-Time Promotional Message
  2. Printed Promotional Message based on Different Time Period
  3. Printed Promotional Message based on Different Bonus Level
  4. Random Lucky Draw

7. Report Management:

  1. Member Report
  2. Spending Report
  3. Gift Redemption Report
  4. E-Cash Refill Report
  5. Top Spenders Report

8. Card Media Management:

  1. Card Issuance Management
  2. Card Re-Issuance Management
  3. Card Replacement Management

9. Multi-Store & Rights Management:

  1. Staff Login and Access Privilege Setting
  2. Multiple Branches Support

10. Language Support:

  1. Traditional Chinese
  2. Simplified Chinese
  3. English

Multi-Database Support and Data Exchange Agent

  1. Supports Microsoft SQL & MySQL
  2. Customized DLLs facilitate feasible Data Exchange
  3. Speedy Data Synchronization
  4. Reliable Data Upload/Download: Batch-by-Interval / Real-Time
  5. Single Shop, Multi-Shops or Regional Chains
  6. Supports Integration with existing POS or CRM providers

Multi-Language Support

  1. Supports English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese
  2. Perfect for Regional deployment that covers multi-language regions
  3. Data Captured consolidates transparently in Back-Office

Optional Frontend Module

  • e-Coupon Management
    • Coupons Addition and Deduction
    • Unlimited no. of Coupons
  • e-Stamp Management
    • E-stamps Earning Formula
    • Five Levels of E-stamps Redemption
    • Multi E-stamping Program

Optional Backend Module

  • Online Bonus Checker
    • Member Login & Password
    • Online Checking of Bonus Balance
    • Online Checking of e-Cash Balance
  • Email Marketing Management
    • Email Campaign Creation
      • Contact List Importing
      • HTML Email Composing
      • HTML Importing
      • Email Scheduling
    • Email Campaign Management
      • Email Campaign Status Review
      • Email Campaign Activity Control (Pause/Resume/Stop)
      • Email Campaign Editing / Recycling
    • Email Sending
      • Scheduled Email Sending
      • Email Traffic Sending
    • Email Address Blacklist Function
      • Database Storing Invalid Address
  • SMS Marketing Management
    • SMS Campaign Creation
      • Contact List Importing
      • SMS Message Composing
      • SMS Scheduling

Our Approach to CRM

  • Step One: Data Capture - 
    starts capturing vital data from all points-of-contacts.
  • Step Two: Data Validation & Cleansing -
    to examine if the existing data is complete and bringing all key information together. Specific actions include Data De-Dupe, Phone and Address Validation, Date Format etc.
  • Step Three: Data Segmentation -
    filtering processed data with specific formulae and range to segment highly-focused group and control groups in effective marketing campaign in a format that can be manipulated and added to.
  • Step Four: Dynamic Report Generation -
    top management and marketing professional look at the Dynamic Reports in Dashboard graphics to evaluate each marketing campaign. New campaign refines the hit ratio based on tracked data.

Please call to arrange a Personalized Demonstration of our System

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