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Phone: +852 31722721
FAX: +852 82651357

Our Vision

We respect & believe in LOYALTY:

  • We believe in the free market, competition is the reality, and the Golden Rule of 80/20 is alive and working!

The 80/20 Rule means that in anything a few (20 percent) are vital and many (80 percent) are trivial. It means that 20% of your customers are contributing 80% to your total sales.

Our approach to Customer Relationship Management is

  • Identify the 20%
  • Retain the 20%
  • Reward them to spend more

DataMart Solutions is here for all your loyalty needs. We engineer our solutions from the consumers' standpoint. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will provide you with the loyalty solution you need.

Our Guiding Principles

  • be aware of the changing needs of our customers
  • be prompt and responsive on fulfilling delivery and inquiry
  • be ready to offer flexible and modular solution deployment & upgrade
  • be futuristic and always leave room to upgrade and to expand
  • be courteous and professional while delivering solution excellence

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